I haven't had the opportunity to stop & figure out just how I want to tell all of you about the story of my life. (Believe me, unless I take the time figure out just how to tell it, reading it will be duller than living it.) So, until that time comes, I'll just offer all of you some enticing clues about the person that owns this account.

Geoff's picture First hint: here's a picture taken of me in front of my car in the summer of 1994, during the Burling Family Reunion. This was the second time I've been to Reedsport since my Grandmother passed away in the late 1970's, & of course everything changed. The town paved the street her house stands on, & put a new road thru the mom & pop store where, as a 4 year old, I committed my first crime. (Now as an adult, while I was working for a corporation (which I left in the middle of April 1996), I probably commit several crimes a day in order to improve stockholder returns.)
Almost every summer since I can remember, my father's family has had a reunion, & that year it was in the town he grew up in after his folks moved him & seven other children from Wisconsin to Oregon in the early 1930's. These gatherings were a happy time, & while there are alcoholics or disfunctional people in the family, I fail to remember a single fight or ``scene" at any of these occasions - although there were a few horseshoe games. I guess I come from an abnormal family.
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