This page has taken on a different form than the one I originally intended, & because of that, it's taking longer to write than I expected.

Originally, this page was going to be my opinions on a number of things that concerned me — the speed bumps on NE 15th street, why Micro$oft makes bad software, the mistakes made that led to much of the suffering of the recent floods in the Portland, Oregon area — written with a curmudgeonly attitude. There are a lot of things in the world I'm not quite happy with, & I wanted to express my displeasure about them.

However, I found that other people can express a better point on some of these things, as Andrew Schulman has about Microsoft & the Internet in his contribution to O'Reilly & Associate's home page at And concerning free speech & the Internet, you'll want to read John Perry Barlow's A Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, either from the Electronic Freedom Foundation's archive (which, at best, is slow), or from a copy I've cached in my account. If you are looking for rants check out Alan's Olsen's collection on his home page, where he demonstrates his knowledge of cranks & kooks.

Fortunately for you, the reader, I have decided instead to use this forum as a means to express myself in a positive manner. I want to share some of my thoughts & writings with you, to practice the honored practice of writing, & hope to succeed in explaining some of my ideas here. Instead of ranting & whining about things (which I know can be boring), you can read some essays, short stories & poems that I have written (which may still be boring).

Recently, a valued & learned critic of alt.religion.scientology, Martin Hunt, decided to end his participation in that newsgroup, & took down his pages concerning that organization. Fortunately, I had visited his site a few days before, & had saved two of these pages in my Netscape cache. You can view either his Scientology FAQ, or his Scientology book list.

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This page last revised on 7 December 1996.