Carnivorous Plant Traders:

This is a list of people with whom I have had positive trading experiences. The net allows CP enthusiasts to trade or otherwise acquire plants that they oridinarily wouldn't be able to. This, however, cuts both ways. Many people have been "bitten", having held up their end of the bargain only to discover they have been cheated. Unfortunately, I am not the only person to whom this has happened.

Rather than list people with whom I have had negative experiences, I am listing people who I have found to be honest, "stright shooters".

This list can, of course, only reflect my own experiences with the individuals in question. I make no guarantees that someone on this list might not suddenly become a sleazy dealer, although I feel it is unlikely in each case.

Inclusion in this list means several things:

Not being included on this list does not necessarily mean anything. I might never have dealt with the individual in question, I might have had a negative trading experience, or the individual did not agree to having their name and e-mail address included in this list. In any case, please do not assume that, because someone is not listed here that I am in any way casting aspersions upon their reputation.

So, that said, here is my list of "preferred traders":

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