Classic BS&T 1969-1972

Early Press Photo From Left To Right: Steve Katz, Dick Halligan, David Clayton-Thomas, Fred Lipsius, Bobby Colomby Jerry Hyman, Chuck Winfield, Jim Fielder, Lew Soloff

Promo Pic from 1969-70ish.
Back Row: LtoR Chuck Winfield, Jerry Hyman, Lew Soloff
Middle Row: LtoR Jim Fielder, Fred Lipsius, Bobby Colomby
Front Row: LtoR David Clayton-Thomas, Steve Katz, Dick Halligan

BS&T 3 lineup: Lewie Soloff, Jerry Hyman, Freddie Lipsius, Dick Halligan, Jim Fielder, Bobby Colomby, David Clayton-Thomas, Chuck Winfield, and Steve Katz.

The Classic BS&T Horn Section: Fred Lipsius, Dave Bargeron, Chuck Winfield and Lew Soloff

Picture of the band, minus Bobby Colomby, it was too big to fit on the scanner. (sorry Bobby!)
Left to Right: Steve Katz, David Clayton-Thomas, Dave Bargeron, Jim Fielder, Lew Soloff, Chuck
Winfield, Fred Lipsius, Dick Halligan.

On Stage, in 1970.  Note the Cameraman in front of the horn section.  He was filming the unaired Behind
the Iron Curtain BS&T telefilm.

Couple of Concert shots.  The one on the right is a scan of a photocopy, so it didn't come out as well, but hey, it fit next to the other one.  They are both from around 1970ish.

Pic from around BS&T 4 time.  It was a blowup of a photocopy, which is why it's a bit blurry.

In the studio recording BS&T 4

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