The Jerry Fisher Era 1972-1975

Technically this is pre-Jerry Fisher, from left to right:
Dick Halligan, Dave Bargeron, Lew Soloff, Steve Katz, Bobby Colomby, Joe Henderson,
George Wadenius, Bobby Doyle, Jim Fielder, and Chuck Winfield.

The New Blood Lineup and the sheet music for Roller Coaster

Jerry Fisher belts (left) and The New Blood Lineup (right)

New Blood lineup From LtoR: Jerry Fisher, Bobby Colomby, Dave Bargeron (back) Lew Soloff (sitting w/trumpet), Jim Fielder, Larry Willis (standing in back), Chuck Winfield (sitting on floor), Lew Marini Jr. (back), Steve Katz, and George Wadenius.

Tom Malone and Lew Soloff in the studio recording No Sweat.  Picture is one I made using a VCR and a Snappy
Video Capture device.  Hopefully someday I'll get a video capture board, but until then...

Bargeron, Colomby, Fisher and Klatka?  Oddly enough, this photo was mislabled as being "David Clayton-Thomas leads BS&T" or something like that on a music history CDROM that I have.  Heh.

The Mirror Image Lineup: L to R: Jerry Fisher, Tony Klatka, Bobby Colomby, Dave Bargeron
Larry Willis, George Wadenius, Bill Tillman, Jerry LaCroix, and Ron McClure.

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