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I sorta have these posters figured out.  The one on the left is from the Grande Ballroom from 1968.  It's the only item I've seen for the original BS&T lineup.  The other three are from a little later.  The black one uses the New Blood promo photo, which was also found on the 7" for So Long Dixie, so it's most likely from 1972ish.  The Pink one is a sorta mystery, however, the opening band, Sonoma, only put out one album according to the All Music Guide, and that was in 1974, so it's probably from around '74-'75ish.  The final one is sorta 3-D, mimicking the cover of Brand New Day, so we can assume it's from 1977 or so.

This next set is a little more cryptic.  The yellow on the left must be an early show.  It's from the Fillmore and they're as far from the headliner as you can get without being the ticket information.  I assume it's from before the 2nd album really hit.  The pink one in the middle is most likely from 1972 or '73.  I think that Steve Katz is pictured in the front row, middle, so it would have to be the New Blood lineup.  The one on the right has some hot art work.  It's from the Fillmore West, and was for a show in San Fransisco.  I'm not sure of the year, but I suspect it was from around 1967 or '68.  The top band listed is the Chambers Brothers (whose song The Time Has Come was a hit in 1968) and the 2nd band listed is The Charlatans, who were big in San Fransisco where the concert took place.  (They were part of the whole Haight/Ashbury scene), who finally had a record released in 1969.  Either way, it's from before the 2nd album came out, for sure.

A card for the Fillmore East in New York.  The photo has the 2nd album members on it and the middle
of the card has 1969 in Roman Numerals on it.  It's not hard to pin down this one.  The one on the right, I
haven't got a clue where it came from.  It looks like another wacky Bill Graham poster, but the picture was so small I couldn't read any of it.  If anyone has any ideas, about this or any of the other posters. (if I've guessed wrong at the date or something) by all means email me and let me know.

The one on the left has the date kindly printed on it, so that's not a mystery.  The red one in the middle is a little hilarious, I think.  It's a radio station/restaurant promo from 1969.  There are 4 Burger Chef's to serve you!  The gold one is from the Iron Curtain tour in 1970.

There's the music for the "big three." the three songs from BS&T's 2nd album that all hit #2 and all were gold singles.  Note how these promo photos turn up all over the place in various ads and such, not to mention the liner notes for the What Goes Up! compilation.

The item on the left, technically isn't sheet music, but it used one of those same pictures, so I stuck it here.  It's really a colored vinyl issue of And When I Die/Sometimes In Winter, but I really didn't have any other place to put it.  The middle item is the sheet music for Hi De Ho, and judging by the clothes looks like it was taken about the same time as the pics inside the folding BS&T 3 album.  On the right is the music for Rollercoaster, which uses the promo pic from No Sweat, that also turned up on the cassette version of "Greatest Hits."


A pair of misc. Ads.  The one on the left is for the 2nd BS&T album.  I squished it so it would fit better
on the page.  If you want to view it, right click on it and hit "View Image." and it will be normal.   On the far right is the cover of the program for BS&T with I think the New York Philharmonic, but I'm not sure.

Three magazine covers that feature BS&T or BS&T people.  The left is a Down Beat from 1970 or so.  I don't have this magainze, but it appears to contain an article about the Iron Curtain Tour in it.  The Hit Parader features another BS&T3 era promo pic from 1970.  On the right is a Down Beat from March of 1968.  I don't know if it concerns BS&T or just Bobby, but he made the cover even back then.

Unused ticket from 1970.


A couple of the BS&T books I've come across.  The one on the left is called BS&T by BS&T as you can see, and contains pictures that they took of themselves and each other and such.  There's a lot of great pictures.  It's more or less a record of their Iron Curtain tour and mentions the film that was never aired.  Jerry Hyman said he went on the tour, but he seems to have been edited out of the book.  There are a few Bargeron pics, but not many.  The Book on the right is a sheet music book that came out around the time of BS&T 4.  It has almost all of the songs from Child through BS&T4  in it.  Really cool.

Wall poster from the New Blood era.  At least I think that's Steve in the back leaning against the tree.  It looks like it's shaped like a record, which makes me wonder whether it came with new Blood or something.  I've never seen a sealed copy of New Blood, so I don't know whether it was a give-away or not.  It doesn't look like it's been folded.

And Finally, the song selection for a 1998 BS&T concert.

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