Found Treasures

Track Listing:
Go Down Gamblin' (4:12)
You're The One (4:54)
For My Lady (3:23)
Spinning Wheel (3:27)
Without Her (2:23)
Sometimes In Winter (3:07)
*Love Looks Good on You (3:17)
God Bless The Child (5:54)
And When I Die (3:25)
You've Made Me So Very Happy (3:28)
*denotes only appears on this CD

Lineup: Various
Chart History: (CBS Special Products-A 16641)

Jeremiah Rickert Writes:
     My first ever BS&T CD.  It's really only notable for being the first source on CD of songs like "For My Lady," "Love Looks Good On You," and "You're The One."  And still, it's the only place to find "Love Looks Good on You."

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