Found Treasures (6-Pack)

Track Listing
1. Go Down Gamblin' (BS&T 4)
2. You're The One (More Than Ever)
3. Spinning Wheel (BS&T)
4. Sometimes In Winter (BS&T)
5. Love Looks Good On You (Mirror Image)
6. God Bless The Child (BS&T.)

Lineup: Various

Jeremiah Rickert writes:

     Now it's a sort of compilation of a compilation! This is put out by Sony Special Products, which also released the original Found Treasures album.  It contains six of the tracks that appeared on the earlier release.  Curiously, they omitted "You've Made Me..." and "And When I Die." which were two of the "big-three" hits from the 2nd album.  Strange compilation, to be sure.  I did think the cover picture was pretty cool.  It's the lineup from Mirror Image.  I should also note that "Love Looks Good On You..." is only available on CD on this release and the earlier version of Found Treasures.  I'm not sure if they've remastered the tracks or not, but I always felt the original version sounded a bit muddy.

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