What Goes Up!

Track Listing:
Disc 1
Refugee From Yuhupitz (3:44)
I Can't QUit Her (3:38)
House In The Country (3:05)
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know (5:56)
You've Made Me So Very Happy (4:16)
More and More (3:02)
And When I Die (4:03)
Sometimes In Winter (3:07)
Smiling Phases (5:08)
Spinning Wheel (4:06)
God Bless The Child (5:53)
Children of the Wind (3:16)*
Hi-De-Ho (4:25)
Lucretia MacEvil (5:57)
He's A Runner (4:13)
Something's Coming On (4:32)
40,000 Headmen (4:42)
Disc 2
Go Down Gamblin' (4:15)
Mama Gets High (4:09)
Lisa, Listen To Me (2:58)
Valentine's Day (3:57)
John The Baptist (3:36)
So Long Dixie (4:26)
Snow Queen (5:25)
Maiden Voyage (6:15)
I Can't Move No Mountains (2:55)
Time Remembered (2:55)*
Rollercoaster (3:22)
Tell Me That I'm Wrong (2:28)
Got To Get You Into My Life (3:20)
You're The One (4:55)
Mean Ole World--Live (9:24)

Lineup: Various
Producer:  Bobby Irwin
Chart History:
     Unknown.  Released November 7, 1995 (Coumbia/Legacy CK2-64166)

William Ruhlmann of the All Music Guide writes:
     Blood, Sweat & Tears' 11-track Greatest Hits album, released in February 1972, contained all of the group's six Top 40 singles, plus notable tracks from its two best albums, Child Is Father to the Man and Blood Sweat & Tears. Almost 24 years later came this 32-track, 138 ½-minute, double-CD expansion, much of it extraneous. Where Greatest Hits contained the single edits of songs like "You've
Made Me So Very Happy" and "And When I Die," here "all titles are original album versions," as the back cover noted, which means the jazzy interludes, frequently having nothing to do with the rest of the song, remained. There were a couple of unreleased tracks, and otherwise the bloated running time was filled out by, for example, four tracks from the 1972 stiff New Blood, which didn't even feature singer David Clayton-Thomas. Legacy would have better served consumers by either expanding the original 41-minute Greatest Hits to proper CD length with a few bonus tracks or reissuing the first two albums in a double-disc set, again with a few bonus tracks to fill up the time. This compilation did not enhance the band's reputation. And the error-filled liner notes are less than worthless.

Jeremiah Rickert writes:
     William Ruhlmann must really dislike BS&T.  At times it seems as if he's out to paint them as a waste of everyone's time.  He seems to dislike the Jerry Fisher led version of the band, calling New Blood stiff?  While the track selection does have flaws, because I don't think they included ENOUGH Jerry Fisher, the entire package is made worth it because of David Clayton-Thomas' unreleased track, "Children of the Wind."  This is a really incredible track, and its inclusion on the second album would have only made it that much better.  While this is an imperfect package, it's nice to have some of the unreleased tracks from their later years on CD, especially "Rollercoaster" and "Got To Get You Into My Life."  I do agree with his assessment of the liner notes, though, they were pretty much full of errors.  Of course, considering the wide gamut of information and people involved with BS&T, perhaps no one really knows the whole story.

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