Nuclear Blues

Track Listing:
Agitato (5:51)
Nuclear Blues (4:24)
Manic Depression (4:18)
I'll Drown in my Own Tears (7:21)
Fantasy Stage (5:41)
Suite:  Spanish Wine (13:30)
I--Introduction: La Cantina (2:15)
II--Theme:  Spanish Wine (1:02)
III--Latin Fire (2:22)
IV--The Challenge (2:15)
V--The Duel (2:20)
VI--Amor (3:16)
VII--Spanish Wine Reprise (1:42)


David Clayton-Thomas:  Vocals
Bruce Cassidy: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn, Steiner Electric trumpet
Bobby Economou:  Drums
David Piltch:  Bass
Robert Piltch:  Electric and Classical Guitar
Earl Seymour:  Baritone and Tenor Sax, Flute
Vern Dorge:  Alto and Soprano Sax, Flute.
William Smith:  Background Vocals on "Drown in my own Tears."
Lonnie Jordan:  Background vocals on "Drown in my own Tears."

Produced by Jerry Goldstein

Chart History:
     Released in April of 1980 (LAX 1865) on both regular and Gold Vinyl and came with a huge fold out poster that had the album cover on one side and their 1980 concert schedule on the other.  It boasted "Featuring the New Hit Single, "Nuclear Blues."  LAX was an MCA subsidiary.  The album is currently in print on CD on Rhino Records.  There were two singles, one of them was Nuclear Blues Stereo/Mono (MCA 41198) Thanks to Jorgen for mentioning that there was at least one other single for this record.  "Nuclear Blues (Disco Mix)"/"Drown in my own Tears."  David Clayton-Thomas won a award at the Rio music festival for "Fantasy Stage."  There is also a companion live album in print on CD on Rhino as well.  "I'll Drown In My Own Tears," was also on DCT's ABC solo record Clayton AND on the recent Blue Plate Special release.

Billboard Magainze's April 12, 1980 Review Read:
     The group which pioneered a fusion of jazz rhythms and horn-fronted pop-rock in the late '60s on CBS, debuts on its new label with a set of instrumentally funky tunes like David Clayton-Thomas' "Nuclear Blues," and Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression."  Much of side two is dedicated to a suite entitled "Spanish Wine," written by six of the eight band members.  The sound is big, funky, and brassy.

Jeremiah Rickert writes:
     While my friend, the die-hard BS&T fan who got me into the group, refuses to listen to this record, I happen to like it.  Not only because it's BS&T, but because I've learned to appreciate straight jazz as well as fusion and jazz rock.  The sound on this album is oddly reminiscent of Tower of Power and Spyro Gyra records of that same period.  I like the tight funkiness of tracks like "Nuclear Blues," "Agitato," and "Manic Depression," as well as the heavier, blusier, "Drown In My Own Tears," which I believe is in its best incarnation on this record, mostly because of Richard Martinez's fine piano accompaniment.  I had the orange vinyl version in my hands, but thought that $6 was too much to pay for a record, recently I was able to buy it for $3.50! So I'm glad I waited. :)

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