Hip Pickles

Track Listing
All tracks are performed live
Back Up Against The Wall (3:48)
Hip Pickles (2:14)
You've Made Me So Very Happy (4:38)
Down In The Flood (7:02)
Inner Crisis (6:38)
Almost Sorry (6:01)
God Bless The Child (8:09)
Snow Queen (4:44)

        This is a 2-CD set, the first CD is an audio CD and the second is a video mpeg CD of the same songs.  The performance was on the German TV show The Beat Club.  I actually have the entire show in video tape, it was kinda nice to have the songs on CD, though.  It was recorded after the release of the album No Sweat, and they play almost that entire album in other sequences of the show.  The horn section during this time of Tom Malone, Lew Soloff, Lou Marini, and Dave Bargeron is in my opinion the best of any BS&T lineup.  It is also interesting to hear Jerry Fisher's take on Gold Bless the Child and You've Made Me So Very Happy.  Despite the cover, Bill Tillman and DCT do not appear on the CD.

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