Super Hits


Track Listing
01. Spinning Wheel
 02. You've Made Me So Very Happy
 03. More And More
 04. And When I Die
 05. I Can't Quit Her
 06. Something Goin' On
 07. Just One Smile
 08. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
 09. Roller Coaster
 10. John The Baptist (Holy John)

Lineup: Various

Jeremiah Rickert writes:

    Well, our so-called "friends" at Columbia/Legacy released BS&T's "Super Hits" as part of their "Legacy Super Hits Series."  It's another rehash of some songs that have been on about five compilations already, and only one unreleased Jerry Fisher tune. I  will say, that it's at least somewhat nice that they included some of the better non-hits this time around, including "More and More." "Just One Smile," and of course "Roller Coaster."  Still, rather than the same tracks again and again, I'd still prefer to see No Sweat, Mirror Image, New City, and More Than Ever finally released on CD.  I'd accept minimal packaging...budget line all the way, just get them out on CD please!

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