3D Image Gallery III

Colorado National Monument

Outside Grand Junction, Colorado, Rim Rock Drive provides a spectacular adventure for the energetic bicyclist!

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The Wall is a ceaselessly advancing band of erosion slowly creeping its way across the plains like a humungous fungus. Rich sod gives way to eroding clay, dropping several hundred feet to rejoin the plains below. Oh, and by the way, where the heck is Wall Drug?

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

George Washington, in profile, surveys the great plains.

Tuzigoot National Monument, Arizona

This little known national monument near Flagstaff, Arizona was home to the Sinagua Indians from the early 1100's till the 1400's.

Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho

Volcanic fields, cinder cones, lava tube caves. Turn the kids loose and let 'em go crazy. The rocks are tougher than they are!


All images © Terry Blackburn, 1997