DeskCam Technical Notes

My "DeskCam" is LIVE! It is a Connectix Color QuickCam (which is now owned by Logitech) running under Windows NT4. I use Neil Kolban's Webcam32, version 5.0.1. The image is uploaded every 5 minutes. You may need to refresh your screen to see the current image. To create the 'BIG SCREEN' look, the image is set to a width of 60% of the browser window. Image quality obviously suffers, but then it isn't much to begin with. Well, and we're talking real high quality subject matter as well. The actual image size is 320 X 240 and averages about 14K bytes. If you're using Netscape, simply 'right-click' on the image and 'view image' to see the image at its original resolution. Otherwise, click on the image below to view the 'hi-rez' version.

Descriptive Key to the DeskCam Image

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