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North Wing

Calypso Bulbosa

Calypso Orchid; Fairy-Slipper; Venus-Slipper
Grows in deep shade of cool, moist forests from Alaska to Labrador, South to California, Colorado and Arizona. Also found in Eurasia. This specemin was photographed near Ashland, Or.

    Log Pipe

    A tree falls into a creek. The decomposition process is aided by the water flowing along its length. Eventually, water flows into the eroding cylinder, cascading out the end. Found along the trail to Marble Valley in the Marble Mountain Wilderness Area in northern California.

Mt. Lassen - Mt. Lassen National Park, California

On May 18, 1980 Mt. St. Helens became the second active volcano in the continental United States this century. Mt. Lassen erupted numerous times between 1917 and 1920. These eruptions were visible from Redding, California.

    Clearwater Falls

    Along highway 138 between Diamond Lake and Roseburg, southern Oregon.

The Ladybug

A photomacrograph of a ladybug (or ladybird beetle, depending on where you're from!) Do you know what its larva looks like? I'll be displaying its picture later... stay 'linked'.

    Red Leaf

    Red leaves with a suspended dewdrop. Welcome to autumn in the Pacific Northwest.

Vandals in the Desert

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