Photo Gallery II

West Promenade

Aspen Forest

A grove of aspen at the foot of the Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado


A photomacrograph of a large insect and a couple of aphids on the back side of a rose leaf

Eagle Cap

The crowning beauty of the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area. The wilderness area occupies 293,735 acres in the heart of the Wallowa Mountains in Northeast Oregon. Eagle Cap is the central hub from which the Minam, Lostine, Wallowa and Imnaha rivers originate (to name a few). It rises to a height of 9,595 feet with spectacular views of glacier valleys and alpine lakes from its summit.

Tulip Extravaganza!

Spring in the tulip fields of Mt. Vernon, north of Seattle Washington is a spectacular season to follow the gray, rainy winter. Tulips of every imaginable color illuminate the horizon like a crash-landed rainbow!

Yaquina Head Light

Situated on a spit of land extending into the Pacific Ocean, this light is located on the Oregon Coast just north of the city of Newport, home to Keiko, of "Free Willey" fame.

Water Surface Texture Study

The surface of Crater Lake (In Crater Lake National Park, Oregon) is frequently as smooth as glass. This is unique for a high mountain lake, but made possible by the fact that the lake formed deep within the caldera of an ancient volcano. The occasional wind that does penetrate the deep recesses of the lake surface create a variety of patterns on the surface.


All images ©Terry Blackburn, 1997