Photo Gallery VI


A very shy, very young fawn, playing invisible. Not more than a few hours old, this fawn is barely dry.

Crop Duster

Wax wings melt if they get too close to the sun. This crop duster, protecting a crop of Southern Oregon pears, takes direct aim at old sol.

Mentzelia laevicaulis - Blazing Star

A bright spot in an otherwise bleak high desert, the Blazing Star thrives in desert valleys and lower mountains from British Columbia and Eastern Washington east to Montana, south to California, and in Utah and Wyoming.

Solar Eclipse

The Diamond Ring is an extremely transient event. It occurs in the fraction of a second between when the Sun first peeks out from behind the moon and when the intensity of the Sun's fusion reaction totally overwhelms the delicate wisps of its corona. This image was recorded by acclaimed photographer/astrophotographer James Blackburn.

Wind blown Fir Tree - Mt. Ashland, Oregon

Enjoying late summer's calm before winter's fury. Mt. Ashland is a year-round recreational attraction for Southern Oregon. Great skiing in the winter and a refreshing escape from summer's heat.

Ladybug Larva

Eagerly munching on aphids and other small creatures, this 'beauty challenged' larva eventually becomes the bright red beetle we are all familiar with..

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All images ©Terry Blackburn - 1997