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  • Live WebCam on my desk at work. Take a peek...
  • Graphic design as a hobby.  I'm an artist wannabe
  • My job - I like my job.  But then, who doesn't?
  • Gardening - I have a swamp full of carnivorous plants in my front yard.  I also have a pond.  My plants eat bugs! Do yours?
  • My Weather Station is now online and generating reams of data!
  • Stuff changes - Keep current here. This place is seething just below the surface!
  • Links   - Fun stuff, weird stuff..
  • my name is Terry Blackburn !

    Click  HERE  to visit the my Rock Creek Neighborhood Weather Station
    [Click ] for weather details

    This totally non-commercial, personally financed and maintained website is intended to be safe for open-minded individuals of all ages. If you find division by zero, insect eating plants, photographs of historic statues in public places or musical dissonance to be offensive, you may want to re-direct your attentions elsewhere.

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    September 20, 2002