Weather Station Installation

The weather station is mounted in a variety of locations.  The wind mast and rain sensor are attached to the top of the chimney, about 30' up.  The outside thermometer and hygrometer are located in the back yard, attached to the trunk of a tree.  The barometer is in the living room.  The weatherCam is on the windowsill in the loft, pointing mostly south-southwest (except when it gets bumped).

Installing the mast
The ladder I rented from Home Depot
The wind vane, anamometer and rain sensor power supply
The wind vane and anemometer attached to the mast.
The solar unit below powers the rain gauge which is hidden
from sight behind the mast.

The thermometer/hygrometer

The weatherCam sits in the windowsill in the computer room. The view from the top
The view from the top!