by Ted Peterson
Most people may not know that when you go up in the mountains water will boil at a temperature less than 212 degrees. They also do not know that if you go under sea level the boiling point will go up.
There is a simple scale that you use to figure out at what temperature to use to find the correct temperature. If you are way up thing that have to boil for 30 minutes may have to be boiled for 35 minutes to be cooked.
To come up with the correct temperture take the elevation and X it by .0018. Take the total from 212 degree and you will come up with the correct temperature. At 1,000 feet water will boil at 210.2. At 2000 feet it will boll at 208.4 degrees. At 1,450 feet the temperature will be 209.39 and at 5000 feet the point is 203. If you are in Denver your coffee would boll at 203 degrees.
When you go down in the ocean or underground the temperature would be higher. At -1000 feet the temperature would be 213.8 degrees.
When you go up you will have to cook your things longer. When you go down your cooking time will be less. This can lead to a different cooking time.
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