by Ted Peterson
When any person travels outside of the United States and they would like to take with them ANY item that is not made in the United States, they will have to make out a form 4457 BEFORE they leave the US.
This form will tell the customs agent when they return, that they took that item out and the duty was already paid on the item. If you do not have this form you would have to pay duty on it again.
This covers their cameras, radios, clothing, jackets, computers etc. anything made outside of the United States.
Print out this form and fill it out so that when you go to the customs agent, you can fill out their form faster. Get model number and any serial number. If you have repair work done outside of the US, you have to declare the cost of the repair.
Leave the number "opening" blank. That is where the agent.
List each item with its model number, serial number. If you list a camera, list all the different lenses that you have. If you miss one you will have to pay duty on it.
If the item does not have a number the agent may have to place one on it.
Take the items to a customs office and fill out this same form. The back of their form will have some instruction on it. Fill out their form and they will check the items listed on your form with the items there, and if all is OK they will stamp and sign the form.
Keep this form and show it to the next customs agent the next time that you come back into the US. If you pick some new items up in the US, fill out a new form. You can have an unlimited number of forms.
A number of people will make out these forms even if they are not going out of the US so they have them in case they have to go at the last moment for some reason. Keep them at home. They are good forever.
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