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Wondering what WORDPLAY and PUNN stand for?
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Back in the early 1980's the Texas Instrument Company produced their TI-99/4 and then the 99/4A computer which for its day was pretty nifty. The user group in Portland Oregon had more than 150 members and helped to develop a strong bunch of users. For a name they chose Portland Users of Ninety Nines. Hence PUNN -- the initials of that name. Wordplay then is the monthly newsletter for PUNN.
As the use of the TI-99/4A dwindled so did the user groups and as of 1997 there appears to be only a few still holding together -- PUNN is one of those and holds meetings in members homes once each month. PUNN maintained BBS untill 1998 that operated on a TI computer system running a program mostly written by PUNN members. Its worked on a system where new callers entered their name/address/phone number and then they were notified of a user number and password. Nowadays mosts TI-ers also have a PC computers and are also on the Internet. At this time we are working on a way that the PC can work with TI program. We are working with a program call PC99.
At this time PUNN almost has became a PC club.
This web page is being put together by PUNN members and as you can see we have lots to learn.
We welcome you to check up on us any time. To send a e- mail to PUNN, click tedpet@agora.rdrop.com Thanks for calling.
The club prints a newsletter each month listing our meetings and some TI articles. You can see this month issue click here.
Each month we hope to have a article on the TI.
The club is working on running TI programs on a PC with a good program called PC99. With this program in your PC you are able to use and work with all TI programs and files.
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