It is hoped that we can list on this web page what will take place for the next few months for PUNN. This web page should from now on be changed within 1 or 2 weeks after a meeting and an e-mail will be sent out to our members about 5 days before a meeting to remind them about that meeting.
Feb. 26 February Meeting Dorman Blazer's Home
On Jan. 22th PUNN members and guests met at the home of Ted Peterson. We had to move the meeting place at the last day due to the reason that Cal Oberg was in the hospital. We had more people at this meeting then we have had in years. The house was full, and we took up a lot of good ideas.
On Feb. 26th the members of PUNN will travel to the home of Dorman Blazer. His address is 19507 S.E. Yanhill St. in Portland. Phone Number is 503-661-1530. This address is easy to find. Go out any street in the SE Part of Portland to SE 181th and go north untill you come to Yamill and turn east. Look for 19507 (on the north side of the street). If you come to Burnside St. on 181th you have gone to far. In the NE part of Portland 181th street is 180th street.
Cal Oberg spent the complete month of January and the first part of February in the hospital. He is now home and will be flat on his back for a month or so. Give him a call. His number is 503-357-8353.
On of our oldest member, Don Barker pasted away and the service was held on Feb 23. Don took a new bride a few months ago from the USSR and she was going to move to Portland. They were married in Finland last fall and she has never been to the US. He was in his 80s
Portland Schools will be picking up all the extra TI 99/4a computers and parts from Ted next week. They know that the computers are not PC s etc but they want to be able to show the students what a old time computer looks like and they said that mybe some of the students can learn how to type letters and articles. I told them that the computer would not work on the web and no Windows programs will work. They want them any way. If you have any TI 994/a computer or P box that you want to get rid of bring them to the meeting.
At this meeting we will talk about all types of computers and mybe the TI 99 4/a
Wordplay needs more articles. They can be on TI, or any one other type of computer, PC99, Photo items , etc. Send to Ted Peterson 8686 SW Oak St. Portland, OR 97223.
We have started to have a number of new computer items on our web. The first 3 were on Icons, E-Mail, and Getting E-Mail While Traveling, and now we have added about 6 more. There will be 3 more within the next week or so. We have started adding some travel articles for trips for the people to see around Portland. There is 2 new ones on now and 2 more within the next week or so. For the listing go to www.jps.net/tedpet.
Ted has all of the PUNN program disks (About 8,000 disks) and Cal and Ted will check them over and take out all of the programs that are in more then one time and all the bad or incomplete and then modem them over to the PC so that we can save them on CDs. When this is done we can transfer the main ones to PC99 and any program that one of our members wants to have in PC99 format. This will take time because some of these 8,000 disks have from 20 to 75 programs on them. We may end up with 20,000 programs. It is a big project.
The Photographic Society of America has asked Ted Peterson to find a way to reproduce all of their slide shows, classroom shows, etc. onto CDs so that they could send them out to their members. They also want it in Presentation format. Ted has the program but cannot make it work. Does any one out there know how to set it Up? Let Ted know The disks will also be in html, doc, txt and Acrobat format.
PUNN is losing one of our main members as Ron is moving to Hawaii in March. Hawaii's gain is Portlands loss. He now know the place his house will be built as he now owns the land and they are building him a house. Good luck Ron. He will be on his way in 3 weeks and would like to hear from all of you. His phone number is 503-232-7363 before he is gone.
Ron -Cal-Ted
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