Arts Gathering 2008 - Schedule

This is a work in progress, so please check back regularly for updates in class information.

Event Schedule:

9:30 am -                                                                                               --------- SITE OPENS ---------
10:00 am - first classes begin:                        Basics of Armor Construction and Repair              Embroidered/Needle-Lace Buttons
11:00 am - second classes begin:                   Tabletop Seige Engine Construction                      Copper Repousse
12:00-1:00 - lunch                                                          ----- (bring your own, local off-site options available) -----
12:00-1:00 -                                                                                            --------- A&S Display --------

1:00 pm - first afternoon classes begin:          Basic Weapon Construction                                   Split Stitch
2:00 pm - second afternoon classes begin:     Gambeson Construction                                         Book Covers                             A Medieval Menu
3:00 pm - third afternoon classes begin:         Basic Dance                                                           Easy Hats and Headcoverings
4:00 pm -                                                                                                 ---------- A&S Chat -----------
6:00 pm -                                                                                ------------
Potluck and Cooking Contest -------------
9:00 pm -                                                                                                 -------- SITE CLOSES -------
ongoing -                                                                                                 ---------- Workshops ----------

Current class list and descriptions:

(all classes will be 1 hour - this section will be expanded as more information comes in)

Basics of Armor Construction and Repair - Master Aleyn the Younger
Cost: None
Maximum # of students: None
Working on armor, stitching leather, using rivets, polishing, painting, blackening, all those basics on making and keeping in good order that which protects heavy combattants. There will be a handout. Taught by the current Defender of Dragon's Mist.

Embroidered/Needle-Lace Buttons - HL Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh
Cost: $2
Maximum # of students: 15
Hands-on learning and construction of needle-lace and embroidered buttons. Styles from many times and cultures will be presented, from about the 8th to the 16th centuries. Students will receive a handout, pictures, button form, thread, tapestry needle, silk & wool bits, and seriously annotated bibliography and resource list.

Tabletop Seige Engine Construction - HL Arnorr Graybeard
Cost: $2
Maximum # of students: 10
Students will construct table-top catapult that shoots marshmallows and then practice with their impliments of destruction on cut-out knights.

Copper Repousse - HL Christopher Guthrie
Cost: $2
Maximum # of students: 8

Repousse [rupOOsA´], the process or the product of ornamenting metallic surfaces with designs in relief hammered out from the back by hand. Gold and silver are most commonly used today for fine work, but copper and tin are suitable for the purpose, and bronze was extensively used in past times. The process is of ancient origin, having been employed by most early civilizations. Among the finest examples of repousse are the famous bronze armor of Greece of the 4th cent. B.C., Byzantine religious works, and much of the gold and bronze work of Benvenuto Cellini. The process is distinct from embossing, in which the relief ornament is produced by use of dies. (copied from
Students will leave class with a decoration they created, a small 'treasure box' upon which to mount it, and the means to affix their work to the box.

Basic Weapon Construction - HL Kerryk Wolfram
Cost: $2 for handout
Maximum # of students: 15
Theory and discussion on construction of basic SCA weapons. Swords, maces, axes, spears, great weapons, and poleweapons.

Split Stitch - Mistress Arlys o Gordon
Cost: $2
Maximum # of students: 10
Popular throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, split stitch is an easy and versatile stitch. We will be using DMC cotton as it is much more affordable and accessible to beginners than flat silk. Students will get started on a project which they may complete on their own time. Students need to bring a fine tip felt marker (Uniballs work great--NO Sharpies, please!) and scissors or snips. All other class materials will be provided by the instructor.

Gambeson Construction - HL Sannan Cairngorne
Cost: $1
Maximum # of students: There will be enough handouts for 10 students
Class will cover how to measure your fighter to fit the gambeson, how to construct a pattern, possible fabric choices and batting alternatives as well as sources. Handouts will show some period gambeson styles from manuscripts and discuss choices to be made for period versus comfort decisions. HL Kerryk Wolfram's functional gambeson will be available as an example.

Book Covers - Master Sven Odin-Eye
Cost: None
Maximum # of students: None
The art of slip covering your mundane books so as to have a more period look.

A Medieval Menu - Lady Claire de Burgh
Cost: $1 for handout - not required
Maximum # of students: There will be enough handouts for 10 students, observers are welcome
Class will learn three period recipes and use them to cook the shire's contribution for the pot luck. Recipes planned are Pomegranate Chicken, a Greens and Cheese Tart, and Apple Tart. Bring aprons or wear kitchen acceptable clothing. After class students and others are welcome to remain or drop in and continue talking cooking and food, and finish the cooking process. More recipes might be at hand for experimentation.

Basic Dance - HL Fionnabhair inghean Donnchaidh and HL Christopher Guthrie
Cost: None
Maximum # of students: no limit
Basic dances popular in An Tir. Ladies should be prepared to manage their trains, lords their scabbards. Students will receive a handout with a brief history of each dance presented.

Easy Hats and Headcoverings - HL Eulalia de Ravenfeld
Cost: $3
Maximum # of students: 15
Hats and headwear are a quick and easy way to improve the look and authenticity of any garb. This class will cover: reasons to wear a hat, several simple period hat styles, and some basic hat construction techniques. All students will receive a handout with construction details, sources and suggestions for further research. Each student will also measure, cut out, and start sewing a simple felt cap. Some sewing knowledge is recommended. Instructor will bring some hats for show-and-tell. Taught by the current A&S Defender of Dragon's Mist.

Workshops available in the common area for portions of the day for drop-in participation:

Open Studio: Paint Your Own Maiolica Tile(s) - facilitated by Mestra Rafaella d'Allemtejo
Cost: $4/each tile (includes bisque tile, glazes, firing and handout).
Description: Glaze-in-glaze pottery painting is an ancient art. During the Renaissance, this technique became known as maiolica and reached its highest expression in the works of French, Italian, and Spanish pottery painters. Come paint your own 4"x4" standard ceramic tile using historical designs and colors. This is a drop-in open studio where you choose the design & colors. Depending on the complexity of your design, the average painting time for one tile is between 30min and an hour. One makes a great coaster, four make a nice trivet. Extra charges may apply if shipping tiles to student is needed after firing (teacher is willing to coordinate delivery in the 3M/DM/ME/Stromgard area). Students should have art clothes & note-taking materials. Teacher will provide: handouts, books for viewing, maiolica glazes, brushes & tools, bisque tile(s).

Make Something! - coordinated by Dame Zenobia Naphtali
Cost: None
Description: Materials, tools and references will be supplied to augment anything participants wish to bring to create period/perioid items with. Your creativity is the limit. Less a workshop than a drop-in crafter's area. Tables will close at 3:30.

Introduction to Bone Carving: Making a Bone Needle - instructed by Lord Leot mac Grigair
Cost: $1 bone, $2 antler/horn, $5 ivory
Description: Come and learn how to make your very own needles from bone, antler, horn or even ivory. This is an introduction to the tools and techniques used in bone carving. Hand-outs will be provided and documentation will be available for review. All tools and materials are provided. Most needles can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Bead Embroidery - presented by HL Magda of Deerhurst
Cost: $5, includes all necessary materials and beads
Description: This is intended to be a beginner class, but will get you started on an item that you can use to put on clothing, make a pouch, or favor or ?? The method makes a very sturdy application that does not have to be removed to launder the item. Teacher has hoops to loan, needles, thread, beads and handout. Please bring snips, and note taking materials.

Sewing - coordinated by HL Fionnabhair inghean DonnchaidhMBR> Sewing machines and a serger will be on hand for drop-in use, and HL Fionna will be available to discuss basic costuming. If you're interested in learning to make a basic tunic pattern, bring a favorite "very comfortable" woven shirt and create a Magyar tunic pattern from the shirt. Sewing will be open after 11am and HL Fionna will be unavailable during her classes.

A&S Display

Coordinated by Mistress Arlys o Gordon
There will be an A&S Display taking place over the lunch break in the well-lit downstairs hallway opposite the social area. Table space must be reserved in advance with the co-ordinator, as we only have room for 15 displays. Please limit your displays to three feet in length. You may display one item or several. If you have an item which needs floor space, please make arrangements with the co-ordinator. Items may be finished or in progress. Please label each item: what it is, what country/culture it represents, and the general time period. This is not a competition. Participants will need to stay with their item(s) and are encouraged to bring their lunches. Everyone is invited to come by and chat with the artisans, to oooo and ahhh and be inspired! We will be taking votes for Populace's Choice--the winner will receive a nice prize!

A & S Chat

Moderators will be Mistress Arlys o Gordon, Master Sven Odin-Eye and HL Ciaran Cluana Ferta
A&S Chat is an open forum to assist those who are interested in competing in Arts & Sciences competitions anywhere from local branch to Kingdom level. The moderators are all friendly folks who have competed and judged on all of these levels. This is a great place to bring your questions and ideas. Participants might also wish to bring note taking materials.

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