Getting To The Site

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Forest Grove is located approximately 45 minutes west of Portland. From the north, travel via Interstate 5 and exit onto Highway 26. From the south, take 217 to connect to Highway 26 (west towards Banks). From Highway 26, exit left onto Highway 6, which will lead you to Highway 47 south. Go about six miles. As you enter Forest Grove turn right onto Sunset Drive. The first building you will see is a residence hall; follow the curve to the right (University Avenue) and the next left is College Way. There will be SCA signs. Event attendees may pick up their on-campus parking pass at Gate.

Not Driving

There are several transportation options for getting to the Pacific University campus from the Portland International Airport.

Via Public Transporation – TriMet

The area transit system, Tri-Met, has a light rail train running directly from the airport to Beaverton which will transfer to the number 57 bus which stops at the campus (current adult fare as of 06/09 is $2.30US, you will need an all-zone ticket).

Light rail also runs a north-south route between the Amtrak and Greyhound stations and the east-west Red Line stop. Simply catch any MAX at the station and transfer to the Red Line MAX at Pioneer Courthouse Square. (Note that the downtown area is fareless on MAX and the streetcars, but you will need to purchase an all-zone ticket to get out to Forest Grove. Tickets are good for 2+ hours so you may do this at the machines at Pioneer Courthouse Square.)

Tri-Met has no problems with personal luggage and will lift seats in the handicapped access spaces for rolling suitcases, if possible.

Via Airport Shuttle

The White Van Shuttle Service provides transportation from the Portland International Airport to the Pacific University campus, as well, offering trip-reservable multi-passenger vans at a flat rate of $65US.

Via Taxi

All Portland taxicab services also serve Forest Grove; their rates are comparable with White Van. Rates for service are (all in US dollars and cents):

At PDX, taxis line up on the lower level, on the third driveway out from the doors. PDX personnel will call taxis up as needed if none are on the roadway. To book a cab by phone if elsewhere than PDX you can book by phone or by the Web: