Disneyland Pilgrimage
Donald P. Wakefield

001NotMickey 008Balou 011GoofyKitchen
Not Mickey Mouse Meet Ballou In Goofy's Kitchen
013Tinkerbell 014Parrot 015Dumbo
Tinkerbell Audition The Parrot 'Ride' I'd Like To Thank All the Little People
017Carousel 018Carousel 02Carousel
King Triton's Carousel Did I Turn Off the Oven? My Chaperone???
09Mad 12OrangeStinger 13OrangeStinger
It Burns! It Burns! Jolly Jumpers? Some Settling May Occur
15Bridge 16Parade 17Flame
Parades... More Parades! The New Pokemon
19SurfsUp 20Teacup 21Teacup
Surf's Up! Teacup Beauty Teacup Beast
22OpenOpenOpen 23OpenAlready 24NotAwake
Build-a-Bear Fever Open Already! Too Early
29-100Mickeys 32CandidAriel 33NewAriel
101 Mickeys Good Buddies Apprentice Mermaid
Admiral Jean