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October 29, 2000

Another Saturday Night

We had another Kelly Crisis(tm). Jean had told Kelly around six times that Kelly needed to put away her toys or Jean was going to start throwing them out. The appointed hour arrived, and Jean picked up a container for a toy and put it in the trash. Kelly promptly retrieved it, with a defiant and grumpy look on her face.

Jean 'extracted' the container and returned it to the trash. Kelly began to cry and made accusations of meanness and unfairness. We assured her that we still loved her despite her being so mean. "qbullet.smiley"

Short story is that we sent Kelly to her room for an hour. She seems to have digested the message well enough to regurgitate the party line, but I doubt she believes what she did was wrong.

The big surprise for me was when Jean said she was angry not just at Kelly but at me too. It seems that regardless of the number of things I did that day, I didn't do enough. Apparently, I was supposed to nag Kelly to keep her toys under control. Sorry, I won't do it. I think it is enough to have the pick up time at the end of the day.

I didn't contradict her in front of Kelly, but I'll have a talk with her when we go for a walk on Monday (our weekday walks are the only time we can really talk without having Kelly insinuating herself into the conversation).

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