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October 16, 2000

Dr. Rudolf

I spoke with Dr. John Rudolf today, and a nicer man you never spoke with. He's got a great 'phoneside' manner, and like Dr. Selby, lets you have all the information you could want.

The short story: I've definitely got a WPW heart. No apparent risk due to my behavioral experiences (no fainting, dizzy spells or the like), but I'm supposed to carry a baseline EKG with me so that should I ever find myself in an emergency room for whatever reason, the physicians know not to give me certain kinds of meds.

The longer story: He consulted with Dr. Selby's PA (physician assistant) and they decided I should see Dr. Rudolf for a direct examination to make sure there are no other issues. Chances are low, since my bloodwork, B.P. and other indicators of the EKG are all great, but as he says, "In my line of work, I seldom get to revisit issues. If a dermatologist sees a pimple today, next week, no problem, but..."

So I get to add one more consultative visit to my localized string of doctor and dentist visits. After this, I think things will settle down again for a while. I certainly hope so. This gets tedious after a while.

Posted by dpwakefield at October 16, 2000 07:23 PM