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October 30, 2000

Quest For Fire

Jean and I are on a quest for The Perfect Science Magazine. Such a beast, if it exists, contains detailed articles with science which doesn't assume you are a dolt, but at the same time acknowledges that not everybody holds a Ph.D. in all the classical sciences. Jean has subscribed to Scientific American, and the first issue has arrived. So far I haven't read it, but Jean's judgement seems to be that it is a little too lowbrow.

In my bid to contribute, I today took the plunge and subscribed to the print edition of a science mag I've read online for a few months now. It is a British rag, called New Scientist. I'm afraid that Jean may find it a little too light as well, but the subject matter ranges far afield, and the best of their articles is very good indeed.

If we decide to up the ante, we are facing such august journals as Science (available only to members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for a yearly membership fee of between $112 and $250, depending on which (if any) membership we are allowed to undertake.

Then there's Nature, which has a one year subscription price for laymen of $159. I'm not hunting down the Internet links for these two until it is clear that we are going to blow that kind of moolah. Any suggestions from Internet Land?

Posted by dpwakefield at October 30, 2000 09:37 PM