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October 05, 2000

Sick as a Dog

Today is sick day! Yesterday, the inauguration for this site, I was actually at work, nursing a build late (yes, I'm a programmer) and otherwise 'not really at work', so I was browsing weblogs, which led to the creation of this one.

I had a cold, had had it in fact for the preceeding three days. When I get a cold, the first thing to go is the sinuses, meaning sleepless nights, 'cause I can't breathe. So after I came home from work last night, I anticipated being up late. But not all night! Yuck.

This morning was headache time, clotty nose time, generally just so whacked out that I didn't feel it would be safe to drive, so I took the morning off. Here I am, sitting at a computer on my sick day! Don't worry, it's an iBook and I'm two feet from a bed.

Posted by dpwakefield at October 5, 2000 09:30 AM