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October 18, 2000

The Mutter Museum

If you find yourself in Philadelphia with time on your hands, and you don't run to squeamishness, then allot some time (half a day is reasonable) to visit the Mutter Museum. When Jean, Kelly and I were there for the Moyer family reunion, I was fortunate enough to have found out about this place before we left, and Jean and I insisted on setting the time aside for a visit.

To me, and to Jean as well, I believe, it was the high point of the trip. Well worth the $8 general admission for each of us. I think we stayed a couple of hours, so it at least repaid the price of a movie.

The Museum's collections include over 20,000 objects, including approximately 900 fluid-preserved anatomical and pathological specimens; 10,000+ medical instruments and apparati, primarily dating between 1750 and the present; ca. 400 anatomical and pathological models in plaster, wax, papier mache, and plastic; ca. 200 items of memorabilia of famous scientists and physicians; and ca. 1500 medical illustrations in the form of lantern slides, 35 mm. slides, photographs, drawings, and prints. The Museum continues to receive medical instruments and specimens donated by Fellows, other physicians, and individuals.

Now if only I'd heard about Eastern State Penitentiary as well, the trip would have been a real pleasure. Via metascene, here is an essay by magician Teller on his visit to Eastern State Pen.

Posted by dpwakefield at October 18, 2000 05:36 PM