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November 07, 2000


Thinking about the Goofus and Gallant experience this morning, I realized (remembered, really) that I've always had a component of my personality which was not just introverted, but actively antisocial. A part of me bridles when I see such works of socialization as William J. Bennett's The Book of Virtues : A Treasury of Great Moral Stories, since they harken to a prior age which had as many things wrong with it as it had things right with it.

The Golden Rule is the best moral guide out there, and Bennett's book covers many instances of it. But it also strays into messages which are more arbitrary, in my opinion, giving subtle messages of class and place. Did we read the same book? I doubt it. This is just an illustration of that rebellious streak, that antisocial component of my personality which has not been snuffed out, merely submerged (and sometimes not all that well).

Posted by dpwakefield at November 7, 2000 08:38 AM