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November 03, 2000

Cokie Roberts

A couple of elections ago, there was an interesting field of candidates running for election. Amongst them was Jerry Brown, onetime Governor of the State of California, and admittedly a rather New-Age kinda guy. But I thought he had some serious points, and as a third-party candidate, he was willing to address issues which usually get mere lip-service or simply swept under the carpet by the Old Parties(tm).

At the time, I was driving in my car, listening to National Public Radio. It was election coverage, and Cokie Roberts still worked for NPR, so she was doing the reporting on the candidates. When she came to Jerry Brown, she laughed! She laughed! I couldn't believe it. Whatever you may think of Jerry Brown, he was running on an interesting platform, and it was the height of arrogance to simply laugh on a national network at one of the four 'serious' candidates.

So now I find that Cokie is up to her old tricks, and moreover, the problem is more systemic than that. I have to agree with this essay in The New Republic that the entire media are not doing their job in reporting the news surrounding politics, and succumbing to the bread-and-circuses aspect over all.

Anyway, one more week and we get to find out which four year nightmare we get to live through. "qbullet.smiley"


Posted by dpwakefield at November 3, 2000 06:11 AM