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November 20, 2000


Thanksgiving is coming up. Mentor gives me both this Thursday and Friday off to celebrate. Jean and Kelly and I will be staying home for the holiday, with no visitors. In the last few years we've always flaunted tradition, preparing Cornish game hens and something light for the Thanksgiving Day 'feast'. This year we are not to get off so easily.

Apparently Kelly has been getting an education on Thanksgiving, including all the traditional trappings. So she is insisting on a real Turkey, real cranberry sauce, real yams, and so on. Jean has volunteered to make all of this, so long as I make a few items which are not traditional.

So I'm digging out my two favorite recipes:

Maybe if I'm feeling industrious, and not too worried about copyright infringement, I'll copy the recipes out here before Thanksgiving.

I make the chili recipe infrequently, and we always enjoy it. The bread recipe used to be a regular staple in our household before Kelly was born, but alas I've not made it for years. When something takes five hours to make, you have to be very motivated. But since this is Thanksgiving, and Kelly seems to be getting into it, I'm starting to get motivated. In fact, I've decided to use some of my vacation time to do the food prep on Wednesday, so that Jean can have the kitchen free and clear on Thursday!

Hmmm, wasn't it just a few News Items ago that I was fretting about being unable to get below 207 pounds?

Posted by dpwakefield at November 20, 2000 10:01 PM