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November 26, 2000

Got Milk?

Nothing like getting up in the morning and discovering there's no milk. Of course in our house, this doesn't mean making a trip to the store. It means getting out the powdered milk and making up a new batch. The plus is that you are never very far away from having milk, but the minus is that you still have to do some work. Would I prefer getting dressed, getting into the car and driving to the grocery store and back, to making a pitcher myself? God, it's hard to choose...

Fortunately for me, I've started buying a bunch of Rubbermaid fluid containers, 1 pint in size, with screw-on lids which have a pop top. Taking one package of powdered milk, I can make two of these containers, with far less effort than making up a pitcher. In about three minutes, I had milk for my breakfast, and milk for Kelly's cereal and chocolate milk. When Jean gets back from her walk, I'll make more. Honest!

Posted by dpwakefield at November 26, 2000 09:28 AM