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November 21, 2000

Kindergarten Peeve

Every morning I drop Kelly off at Bridgeport Elementary School. And just
about every morning, I get annoyed with people who don't think, or only
care about themselves.

Bridgeport has a large traffic circle, lined with lots of parking
spaces. The traffic lanes themselves are narrow. At the time I am
arriving, schoolbuses are arriving, and other parents are dropping off
their kids who don't use the bus. Invariably, several parents decide
that they'll stop in the middle of the traffic lane to drop their kid
off. The car will stop, with several cars behind it, the kid will
begin to gather up his or her stuff, climb laboriously out of the
car, then open the front door and give their parent a kiss or
hug. Finally, they will move on, and the parent, once certain their kid
is out of the road, will trundle slowly off. Then it repeats again
with some other jerk

Why oh why can't these idiots just pull over out of the traffic
into one of the parking slots if they are going to eject their kid from
the car instead of walking them into the school? Answer, it wouldn't be
as convenient for them. They think it might add all of two
minutes to their time at the school. But the idiots don't realize that
since they and all their idiot friends do this, they spend five or
more minutes queued up behind the other selfish jerks
stopping in the middle of the traffic lane. What a bunch of maroons!

Posted by dpwakefield at November 21, 2000 08:43 AM