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November 03, 2000


According to a new study by PC Data, Napster users do buy fewer CDs once they get the hang of using the tool. Either this is like the last RIAA-sponsored study, and slanted in favor of the record industry, or I am different than the surveyed folks. My own experience:

Yep, there are also songs that I've sampled which have not resulted in album sales, but that's just smart consumerism. The RIAA doesn't like it that I get to preview the goods before I spend my money. Too bad. With the Bertelsmann deal pending with Napster, I may subscribe to Napster for legal digital copies (but not if they use a proprietary format that doesn't play on the Mac, or the Rio), and then I won't be buying the CD too.


Posted by dpwakefield at November 3, 2000 06:29 AM