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November 29, 2000

Sleep With The Fishes

Here's where I'm hoping fate is on my side. I've been to the gym, done my exercise, and changed into the only clean shirt I've got left here at work. Then I go back to my office and start to eat some haddock for protein. Oops! Spilled fish juice on my shirt. Now I smell like a haddock.

So I just left a message at home asking Jean if she can bring a shirt down for me when she comes down to walk. It all depends on if she stops at home before meeting me <crosses fingers>.

I have soaked the offending spot and sponged it off, but I doubt I've removed all lingering hints. In the meantime I'll just close the old office door. Thank goodness we don't have cubicles here! "qbullet.smiley"

Posted by dpwakefield at November 29, 2000 01:04 PM