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November 25, 2000

SNES Purchases

I got the bright idea of looking for used videogame shops in the Yellow Pages, and found a few. One close by said that they had lots of game cartridges for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the console Kelly has been playing with. So I drove over, and ended up buying three games. Here's a synopsis:

I tried playing Mario Kart first without Kelly, and at least for me, it was hard. When Kelly tried it, she got frustrated and gave up. Conclusion: she's too young for games requiring real coordination -- and I'm too clumsy "qbullet.smiley".

Kelly tried Street Fighter II, played a few rounds, but I had a few more wins against her than I usually do with Ranma 1/2. She didn't like that, and so she ended up wanting to play Ranma 1/2 again. The difference between SFII and R1/2 seems to be that R1/2 allows a player who just mashes buttons fast to win frequently. SFII seems to require some level of dexterity and skill. Again, for the five-year old, too much too soon.

I'm not disappointed by this experiment. It was a cheap way to let me know if Kelly would be joining me in my PS2 experiment. Now I'd say the answer is no. In fact, I am happy that the games she really enjoys, such as Freddi Fish, involve thought and creativity. Let's leave it at that for now. As for Ranma 1/2, getting my butt whooped by my five-year old daughter occasionally is good for the soul "qbullet.smiley".

Posted by dpwakefield at November 25, 2000 10:26 PM