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November 03, 2000

The Electoral College

While I have read this article, and seen numerous references to Natapoff's supposed mathematical proof that the Electoral College is fair and actually "increases voters' power", nothing in the article convinces me. I doubt I'll take the trouble to learn all the math just to agree with or refute his arguments.

Moreover, this analogy is lame:

So it should be obvious that the Electoral College is fair, right? Wrong, for two counts. First, baseball has rules which judge ranking by games won. But most people will agree (at least I think so) that if a candidate gets 55% of the raw votes, they should be assumed to represent the will of the people.

The second problem is that the Electoral College is free to totally ignore the votes in their state. This is akin to getting the most runs in a single game, and having the Commissioner declare your opponents the winner of that game.

This is probably why I chose not to pursue a Masters in Mathematics, back when I was getting my degree in Computer Science lo these many years ago...


Posted by dpwakefield at November 3, 2000 05:20 PM