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November 24, 2000

Today's Activities

I went down to Mentor after Jean's morning walk, to exercise and do a little work. In the afternoon Jean dropped Kelly off at my office so she could go for her second walk of the day. Kelly played in the office, and didn't distract me too much. When it came time for Kelly to go home with Jean, she said she wanted to stay with me. I told her that she could if she let me work.

That worked out okay especially as my last few chores included burning a CD Rewritable of a few things I needed on my home machine:

She played patiently in my office as I ran from office to office swapping CDs and checking files. All the while this was going on, she was listening to my Japanese soundtrack album to Bubblegum Crisis, an anime that was popular about the time I was first getting into it.

Afterwards I dragged her with me to Fry's Electronics, which is just south of where I work, to look at corner desks to replace the old one in the den as a computer desk. While we were there, we fiddled with the PS One (Playstation, compact edition), and I concluded that she wasn't ready for it, although she does enjoy the Super Nintendo Entertainment System we had buried in the closet, and the single game we still have, Ranma 1/2 Hot Fighting Action! "qbullet.smiley".

After that I took her home and went to Staples to check out their selection of corner desks. No good deals there. We'll try out Office Depot this weekend if time permits.

Posted by dpwakefield at November 24, 2000 08:59 PM