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November 16, 2000

Today's Word Is Gingham

Tuesday night, while watching Red Dwarf with my daughter, one of the characters, Arnold Rimmer, was wearing (for comic effect) what he referred to as a 'red and white checked gingham dress'.

"Hold it," I thought, "isn't that redundant?" I always thought gingham was a red-and-white check fabric. But apparently it isn't. The best online definition is at www.dict.org, but their interface doesn't allow for linking a URL directly to a definition, so if you want theirs, you'll have to type in the word yourself. Instead, you can check out this definition from www.dictionary.com. http://www.dictionary.com/cgi-bin/dict.pl?term=gingham

Posted by dpwakefield at November 16, 2000 11:23 AM