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November 30, 2000


Okay, the holidays saw several mentions of this dish on the various websites I haunt, but I just gotta mention it here 'cause it's so goofy. The turducken is a dish composed of a "15-16 pound semi-boneless turkey stuffed with duck and chicken with layers of delicious stuffing between each bird". Paul Prudhomme is one of the chefs credited with it's creation, and it is often referred to as a Cajun dish, though there are variations, such as the X-treme BBQ III turducken.

One site says it takes about five hours to cook, and feeds 20 people (so it's not quite the pigfest it seems to be [further digression: "[Chef Herbert's] most memorable creation was for a customer from neighboring Texas: a pigturducken, which is basically a turducken in a boneless pig."]).

Oh, and you can order one frozen (not yet cooked) from Cajunstuff second-day delivery for $114.95.

Posted by dpwakefield at November 30, 2000 10:32 AM