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November 01, 2000

Yesterday Evening

Yesterday evening was too busy to allow time for a report that same night. If you're not plugged in to the U.S. calendar, yesterday evening was Halloween, the traditional time for children to run from door to door demanding candy from strangers "qbullet.smiley". I wrote a brief report of last night's festivities which you can now read, called "Kelly's Halloween".

On another front, Verizon did indeed send me the DSL modem that is to go with my account. I spent a half hour hooking all the filters to phone lines, and trying out the modem with my computer. It doesn't work, which is no great surprise. On a more careful reading of Alan's mail, Verizon doesn't have the proper hardware at the Central Office, and won't be able to upgrade their system until November 10th.

So I'll presumably be ready to go in mid-November, but of course I'm a pessimist, or a realistic optimist, I don't know which. I'll believe it when I'm using it.

Posted by dpwakefield at November 1, 2000 05:08 PM