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December 05, 2000

Anime Music

This week's album is FLCL Addict: Original Soundtrack. Folks in the anime subculture also call it Furi Kuri. This is the soundtrack to the anime I'm supposed to be writing a review of. I'm kinda behind schedule, since I'm at a loss for what to say. I've been pondering this as I consider what I want to write, and I think it devolves to two issues.

First, my review style is somewhat sarcastic, and a little bit absurdist. But Furi Kuri is all that and more. It in effect is stealing my thunder "qbullet.smiley". Second, most of what I want to say about this story hinges on events in the story, and thus, any review I currently feel I can write would be riddled with spoilers. I'm working right now on how to get around these problems (problems with me, not Furi Kuri).

Getting back to the CD: this is a mixed bag. All the songs which I know and love from watching the first three episodes of the OVA five or six times (Dan is reimplementing the subtitles to be more readable, so we get to see each revision) are there. Also all the incidental music that I recognize. The album is pretty much reliable guitar rock. However, it is very repetitive, which is okay as background music to an OVA, and I suppose okay as background to serious coding, but for deep listening it soon falls down.

"FLCL Original Soundtrack"

Posted by dpwakefield at December 5, 2000 10:22 AM