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December 10, 2000

Lawyer Joke on Angel

Nursing a vascular headache, I nevertheless had the energy to watch Angel on the Replay tonight. On the show, there is a law firm whose clientele includes demons, vampires and other evil entities. They brought back the vampire who originally made Angel a vampire, his sire. His sire is of course, a woman (named Darla), so they can play all sorts of romantic head games on the show. In this episode, she finds out that since they brought her back as a mortal, she is going to die of terminal syphillis in a couple of months. Angel doesn't want to believe the medical reports, thinking it is some sick mind game of the law firm.

[Darla, looking at Angel]: We know something about mind games. We played them, you and I.
[Cordelia, Angel's friend]: Yes, but you were just bloodsucking soulless demons. They're lawyers.
[Angel, looking at Darla]: She's right, compared to them, we were amateurs.

Posted by dpwakefield at December 10, 2000 09:56 PM