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December 03, 2000

Two Steps Forward...

Sunday night is here, and I find myself looking back at a weekend of failure. In terms of my dietary good behavior, anyway. On Saturday afternoon, after taking Kelly to see a rather good Santa Claus (and there were no lines), we went to Yeatsy's Mexican Cafe, where I ate all the corn chips and salsa set before me, then had a chicken enchilada with rice and beans. Ate it all I'm afraid. But I didn't order dessert!

Saturday evening was "NOVA", and as is often the case, Tom, Alan, James and I went out to eat. But instead of grabbing a quick byte at Wendy's, James blurted out that he wanted to eat at Busch Soba, located in Uwajimaya Asian Grocery. We went, and I had a bowl of soba and a plate of sushi. Ate it all again. Ughh.

Then we went to a movie after "NOVA", The Sixth Day, a typical after-NOVA movie. I had popcorn, pop and candy. Talk about backsliding.

Today I ate a small and healthy breakfast, but ate a lunch bought at McDonald's when I took Kelly there to play in the playland. Now with dinner looking me in the face, I'm planning to have a small amount of Dover Sole, some veggies and maybe a V8 juice. Wish me luck "qbullet.smiley".

Posted by dpwakefield at December 3, 2000 05:42 PM