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January 08, 2001

Fearsome Food

Saturdays twice a month, typically first and third Saturdays, are my evenings to go to "NOVA" meetings. Often, I go out to eat with a few friends during part of the meeting, and go to a movie after the meeting.

This weekend was no different. We went to Fuji Teriyaki, a restaurant we'd been to in the past. I've ordered sushi there before, but to be a little different, I ordered their "Chef's Favorites" plate. This included a number of things I wouldn't order myself, including octopus and fish roe.

I ate most of the items without incident, in fact with pleasure. Eventually, I got down to a few items, and was looking at one piece of 'fish' which I could not recognize. It was sort of a dark mustard yellow, and looked like a little tongue to me. I thought, "oh well, here goes" and popped it into my mouth. After a moment it was clear that the taste was unlike anything I'd had before, and I decided to give it a couple of seconds to sink in. Then the smell hit my sinuses! Ye gods, it was like eating mentholated pudding!

Between the texture, the taste and the smell, I had no intention of swallowing this stuff. Fortunately there was a spare napkin nearby, and I disposed of the item as discreetly as possible. Then I had two or three quick swallows of Dr. Pepper to try to flush the taste. Tom, Alan and James were pretty amused.

As we were leaving, I saw a photo menu which identified the mystery meat as Sea Urchin. I'd already been warned by my reading to stay away from Natto (fermented bean curd) and Sea Cucumber, but now I know to add Sea Urchin to the list. My Western tongue just can't handle it.

I think this falls into the category of Foods Which Smell Spoiled, But We'll Eat It Anyway 'Cause We're Starving. How else to explain Limburgher cheese?

This cheese smells like cowflops! I guess I'll put it in my mouth!

Posted by dpwakefield at January 8, 2001 10:41 AM