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January 23, 2001

Idiot Vector

Jean took Kelly to her dance class yesterday. As Kelly was dancing, in a small class with maybe two other students, Jean noticed a mother sitting with a child on her lap, seemingly in pajamas. Jean struck up a conversation, and it turns out the child was in her pajamas because she had the flu! This was apparently her first day out in a week.

"This is the sickest I've ever seen her." said the woman.

"Well, she's not contagious now, is she?" asked Jean.

"I don't guess so," said the woman.

"Does she have a fever?"

"Well, it was a little over 99 degrees this morning."

Jean didn't know what to say after that. It isn't like the kid had a cold. She had a flu, and was "the sickest I've ever seen her." The woman seemed to be waiting for Jean to say "that's okay."

When Jean and Kelly left, she made Kelly wash her hands, since the older sister was in the dance class. Let's hope this idiot's clueless selfishness didn't rub off on Kelly.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 23, 2001 02:21 PM