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January 23, 2001

Kaiju Best Fighto!

Kaiju means "mysterious beast" in Japanese, and is also the source of inspiration of Kaiju Big Battel. Created by the Borden brothers, and supported by a fleet of actors, cameramen, set and costume builders and more, this Boston-based performance group puts on a unique form of entertainment.

From their website, we learn:

What is Kaiju Big Battel?

Look out! Danger Can Happen! Kaiju have the many monsters which are making destruction the whole city! Also in the fair fight, the referee Justice keeping Dr. Cube from throw building at the mighty Silver Potato! See bizarre wrestling matches between gigantic absurd monsters! Watch Tokyo-style monster movie erupt into real life performance-art lunacy! Shudder as Hell Monkey plucks the wings off American Beetle, while Club Sandwich liquefies Kung-fu Chicken Soup! Buy our monster-produced fashion accessories and novelty items! Collect them All! We Are Monsters! Kaiju da yo!

What it is is a group of white boys (and girls) putting on faux Japanese monster wrestling matches, in WWF-style wrestling rings, surrounded by cardboard-cutout cities. A lot of humorous antics ensue.

So who do you suppose sprung for a videotape of one of these performances? Who plans to share this with his five-year old daughter and his friends? You guessed! And it arrived yesterday. With luck Kelly and I will be able to watch it soon, at which time I'll report back here.

Posted by dpwakefield at January 23, 2001 03:54 PM